Starting a recycling clothing initiative

Returning to my summer camp in New Hampshire this year, I wanted to leave a mark on the woods that raised me each summer for the past 9 years. I also wanted to find a way to make the camp more sustainable and more accessible for campers who come after me.

Thus, I started a clothing exchange program. Uniform is required at this camp. That means each year, many campers need to buy new pieces and many old campers or former campers must throw there out-grown or unneeded uniform. The solution was then obvious to me: a worn-wear exchange. People can donate used-uniform that is no longer needed or has been outgrown, and new campers can get the donated used-uniform.

Once I had an idea, how did I follow through? I reached out to the directors of my camp, and gave them my plan. I created websites and instagram posts. I thought through logistics. It was more work than I had expected, but it was doable. I want to prove to you guys that you can take an idea and actually execute it even as a high schooler.


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