Author: Iola Chen

  • Founder of Patagonia Donates his Company

    Founder of Patagonia Donates his Company

    Another piece of positive news, and a big one at that. Yvon Chouinard, who founded Patagonia in 1973, is giving his company away upon retirement. Instead of passing the company down to his kids or selling it away, his family has decided to give up ownership to a non-profit specifically designed to donate all of […]


  • Positive Climate News!

    Positive Climate News!

    We all need some good news in our lives, especially with all the bad climate change news out there. Samsung In Seoul Korea, SEOUL, Samsung Electronics is shifting away from fossil fuels. Their goal is to use global operations by 2050, a challenging feat. They plans to invest $5 billion through 2030 on projects to […]

  • Climate Change and Wildfires…

    Climate Change and Wildfires…

    Spreading Fires: Wildfires are breaking out all over the world – Western United States, India, Australia, the Amazon – and it’s only getting worse. According to the UN Environment Program, wildfires could increase globally by a third by 2050 and by over a half by 2100. Even places that one would consider safe from this […]

  • The Sixth Extinction

    The Sixth Extinction

    The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History by Elizabeth Kolbert is an engaging and scientific novel that focuses on the damages of human civilization on the world in relation to previous mass extinctions. Kolbert expertly combines detailed research with personal narrative that leaves the reader reflecting on the current role of humans in the world. She […]

  • Starting a recycling clothing initiative

    Returning to my summer camp in New Hampshire this year, I wanted to leave a mark on the woods that raised me each summer for the past 9 years. I also wanted to find a way to make the camp more sustainable and more accessible for campers who come after me. Thus, I started a […]

  • The World Without Us

    The World Without Us

    Synopsis Alan Weisman in The World Without Us poses a post-apocalyptic scenario where all humans have gone. Weisman, to write this book, traveled all around the world, interviewing biologists, scientists, archeologists, and more to inquire about what would happen. In his sketch of the days and years and centuries following our leave, Weisman touches with […]

  • Let’s talk: Regenerative Agriculture

    Let’s talk: Regenerative Agriculture

    Regenerative Agriculture is a hot, new topic. Let’s learn a little about it: What’s the current problem with agriculture? Why it is important? Is it really a good solution? Why is it controversial?

  • Less is MORE

    Less is MORE

    There are two ways we can talk about this. Large scale. Small scale. Both are important. Small scale, I want to encourage you all to take personal steps to lower carbon emissions, sustain our natural resources, and improve air quality. While I say small scale, if we all take them, we can together protect the environment for today and the future.

  • How YOU can conserve natural resources

    How YOU can conserve natural resources

    The fight against climate change is daunting but necessary for the planet and humanity’s future. When we take care in preserving our natural resources, we are taking care of our future, a future that right now needs all the help it can get. Why are natural resources important? Before we get into how we as […]